Compute MD5 hash with Get-FileHash

Finding MD5 Checksums in Windows 10

Get-FileHash is a handy little commandlet for verifying checksums.

If you've ever wanted to verify the integrity of a file you've downloaded to a Windows machine in the past- you had to get a third party application or use tools like Cygwin. For years we've used various command line tools for finding MD5 checksums in Windows. From the old FCIV tool, the 3rd party md5sum tool, and the newer Certutil- consistency and availability varied. Now we have a neat little commandlet called Get-Filehash is a handy way to do this, and it's even built-in to Windows 10- as is the Windows PowerShell. Just run Get-FileHash and pipe the output to Format-List.

From the Start Menu type PowerShell to launch the Windows Powershell. Once at the shell prompt type:

Get-FileHash filename.ext -Algorithm SHA512  |  Format-List

Of course you'll use your desired Algorithm and filename - 


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