Speed Testing is it always compromise?

When running optimization and speed tests, sometimes one settles on "good enough"

Performance Grade A - 98 Faster than 98% of tested websites.

We can live with those results. Today we ran a test with the help of our friends over at Pingdom.com using their Full Page Test or fpt tool. This tool simulates a browser visitor and is one of the newer tests on the web.  As it stands we will likely never get higher than a "B" for  "Serve static content from a cookieless domain" as we prefer to have the content management all in one place (as do most folks). If this were an e-commerce site we'd go the extra and do more to speed things up. There are always things you can do to improve performance- but sometimes the extra effort has little reward beyone the satisfaction of a good "grade". 

If you're looking for other opinions there's always the Google pagespeed tools, WebPageTest.org, and a very pretty tool in Beta from Varvy (which covers more than just speed). Each of these tools provide a unique insight into your page performance- and each emphasizes on a slightly varied scale, though Varvy most closely matches the Google's Page Speed tools.

How does your site stack up on the Pingdom test? Or do you feel that another test is more relevant? 

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